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September 28, 2012

The One Lovely Blog Award

My thanks to A.H. Amin for the nomination of  The One Lovely Blog Award. I am truly inspired by his energetic lifestyle that amazes, fascinates me and urges me to rush forward with fervor. Thank you A.H. Amin!


Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I am obsessive compulsive to the point of not being able to finish one thing without wanting to start something else.
  2. I hate jello, yogurt, cottage cheese because of the consistency factor. Ew!
  3. I snore relentlessly…I guess. So, I’ve been told.
  4. I played with dolls up to the age of twelve, which I fantasized as being little people. (By myself, because no one else would.)
  5. I have a huge problem of not being able to throw boxes away. I have no idea where that comes from.
  6. I absolutely hate…HATE…shopping. I trait that my husband admires.
  7. I was agorophobic when I was young. I taught myself to overcome this phobia by making myself go out in public alone. Probably why I played with dolls up to twelve years old.

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March 18, 2012

My Ridiculous Foray into Extra Income (From Home)

Okay, I’m going to admit this, and put it out there for all to see in the hopes that someone might find this post and take it to heart when looking for quick easy ways to make money from home through internet marketing.

There is no quick easy way. Period. None. Nada.

Years ago, I think around 2005, I was researching these options vigorously…ravenously. (Please keep in mind that I had written a few novels, and in the process of finishing a third.) There are literally millions…MILLIONS…of sites that you will find that offer easy ways to make $25,000.00 overnight, while you sleep. All you have to do is give them your credit card number and pay for your membership into this exclusive world of becoming an INTERNET MARKETER. I did this. I hear you snickering out there.

What did I discover? I gave someone my fifty bucks. And waited. And waited. Followed their instructions. And waited. This is how much money I earned: $0.00. This is how much time I wasted: Two thousand, one hundred and sixty hours. Precious time, mind you.

There, I’ve said it. But, it was a hard cold lesson. A lesson that led me back to myself. How so, you ask? I will tell you, but it’s a huge secret that only you will be priviledged enough to know.

This hard cold lesson taught me that the only way to financial freedom…are you ready? to work for it. Yes. I said, you have to work for it. Did you just feel that frying pan hit you upside the head? I felt it too, and I’m very sorry, but this is a fact.

Back to this lesson leading back to myself, though. After I had scraped my pride off the floor, and realized I had thrown money out the window…but, then again…someone had benefitted from my stupidity, I realized that I had written a few books that someone might like to read. I mean, why was I writing in the first place? For my own amusement?

I needed to find a way to get my writing out there for someone else to enjoy. Again, I did a lot of research to find the best way to do this without emptying my pockets.  As I have said before, I’m not a salesman. It’s very difficult to promote myself, because after all; who the hell am I? I am no one special. I am the gal that lives next door. The gal that you might see in Wal-Mart. I am the gal that hops in the truck with my husband everyday, so his job isn’t so monotonous. I am the gal that has to go pick up the dog poop in the yard, so it doesn’t get tracked back into the house.

But, I am also a writer. This is the driving force that follows me like a bright shadow all day, everyday. I want to be able to have people read my writing. I want to be able to make a living at it so my dear sweet husband doesn’t have to get in the truck and drive it everyday. But, I have no delusions in this respect. I realize that I will have to work at this for the rest of my natural life. So what? I love doing it. If I can make a  few extra bucks a month with something I have created…why not? If you can get by, by doing something you love with passion and fire, then do it!

I’m not only talking about writing. I’m talking about whatever that creativity you have that resides deep within your soul and drives you to the brink of insanity is. Whether it’s painting, music, sculpting, tinkering with engines, wood working, making sand castles, building kites or dollhouses, put your all into it. If we let our passion die, we might as well die along with it. Wherever that passion comes from, it’s in your blood, and it’s your obligation to share your passion with the rest of us.

Now, get your but off the computer and go do whatever it is you do…with passion! Like my father said, “If you’re going to do something, put everything you’ve got into it, or forget it.”  Thanks, Dad!

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