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Here is where I am supposed to say something pithy and enlightening about myself using the third person perspective, which I never could understand. All right, you got me. I hired my alter ego to write this for me. Here goes.

Gina Lawless resides in the clean, cool greenness of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and pug. She has been writing since the tender age of eleven when she started regaling her classmates with ghost stories every Friday afternoon. Much thanks to her sixth grade teacher who drew it out of her with a pair of pliers.

Gina has published three books to date, has one finished novel that she is in the process of editing, writing the second book in the Harbinger series, and has many more on the brain. She reads four or five books at any given time. She has asked me to lie and tell you that she has a Masters of Philosophy, but she does not. Although, she is one thesis away from her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, which she will probably never finish, finding the entire subject to be utterly boring.  She is merely a lover of writing, reading, and an advocate of literacy. Her humor is dry and at times a bit sarcastic, and if she can’t make people laugh, she becomes extremely moody.

Gina refuses to stick to one genre, which some may think detrimental, however she can’t help herself. She finds stories in everything she does, people she meets and interacts with. Once she has begun the process of writing fiction, her characters become real to her.  I feel she needs to be on medication for that, but that’s my own opinion.

I think I over paid my alter ego for this bio. She was entirely too rough on me. I want my money back!


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