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July 7, 2012

WIP for Harbinger of the Light Book Two

The second book in the Harbinger series is coming along in leaps and bounds, my fingers flying across the keyboard at super-human speed! Really? Maybe not super-human speed, but it is coming along and I expect its coming out by the end of this summer if I stay on course.

This book will be geared more toward adults (not sexually explicite and no foul language…sorry!) and will be more graphic. I’m enjoying doing the research on this book as much I love writing it. Here is a snippet of Harbinger of the Light (sub-title yet to be decided). If anyone can help me come up with a sub-title for it, I would love to give you a free copy of  Harbinger of the Light, Sage’s Legacy.

Once out of eyesight, she came upon Rian patiently waiting for her. “I knew you were watching,” Morrigan said tactfully. “Is spying on your list of duties for your queen?”

“Aye, it is,” he replied bowing respectfully. “As she has not given me the charge to do so herself, I take upon myself to act in the manner as her guardian to keep her safe from all harm no matter what form it may come.”

“Then, I feel protected and safe to be sure.” She smiled taking his hand. She settled on an old fallen tree trunk and motioned Rian to join her. “Come sit with me for a while, Rian.” He didn’t like the look on her face, the look that he had come to know as something unpleasant was about to be spoken. She didn’t speak for a time, only looking out to the meadows and rolling green hills of the landscape. Whatever it was that was vexing her, Rian knew it had something to do with the young man Myrllin, and Gwen, and all of the unusual events that had occurred since they had returned to the island.

“Yes, since we have returned, all things have changed, have they not?” she said with sadness knowing his thoughts. A sadness which Rian saw in her as more of a physical attribute than a mood. He nodded taking her soft hand in his own.

“What is it, Morrigan? I ask this question because I see it within you, and it frightens me.”

“The Royal Guardian is frightened?” she looked at him and tried to smile cajolingly. She lowered her eyes and the smile slowly dissipated. Rian simply stared at her as he waited for the ax to fall. “You deserve the truth, Rian, I know. I cannot put it off any longer.”

“Whatever it is, I know we will endure it,” he said taking a deep breath. “As long as we remain together as a clan.”

“Ideally, we live carefree for the most part, and keep our distance from the humans to preserve our lineage. It has always been this way since time began, and even before that. Before there was ever time to count the passing of days and nights. Before humans were put upon this earth. They have become so numerous in these days, that we cannot hide from them any longer. And even if we could hide from them in secret, they will destroy everything in their path for their own sake, not realizing that they are destroying the very thing that sustains them.” Again, she looked outward to the horizon and seemingly beyond to a vision of the future, to something he could not see.

“What does this mean for us, and all like us?”

“It means that if we do not share our lives with the humans, teach all we can of the Ancient Ways and to preserve its sanctity, we will lose the battle which we have not chosen to fight. They are killing each other in the name of their God.” She chuckled after saying this, but large tears welled up in her eyes. “Ironic, is it not? To kill, spoil and steal in the name of the one who gave life only because they know not of the old ways. We are not of their flesh and blood, or of their minds or hearts and never will be. We will always be set apart from them in all ways. Now, comes the time that we must become as much like them as we can only to survive, and also for them to survive.”

“What do you mean, become like them?” The fear on his face was evident.

“We must lose all physical aspects of the fey.”

“What has Lilith brought down upon us, Morrigan?”

“It was not Lilith’s fault. Not at all. She was merely a pawn to what had to come to pass. It could have just as well been you…or me that came upon the child. No, this had already been intended to happen long before any of us came to this plane of existence.” She stood and paced before Rian stretching her beautiful wings. “I will miss these. When I am in human form, I feel so heavily burdened with weight. It will take a long time for us to get used to it.” Rian started shaking his head violently.

“No! We cannot live that way all of the time. Cannot we change only when we need to?”

“No. In time, humans will live on this island of ours. Here they will be taught to honor the Blessed Mother and be given gifts to enhance their humanity. That is not all though.”

“Well, I ask you! What could be worse than that?” Rian stood, his face contorted in fury.

“Calm yourself, Rian. I am still your queen.”

“Forgive me, Morrigan. This news is too terrible, and I am sure that the rest of clan will not tolerate it well. You have given me the task of being your advisor as well as guardian. Should I not speak my mind and tell you of the possible rebellion that you may face?”

“Those that choose not to conform may leave with no ill will.” Rian faced away from her with his hands on his hips 

“If they choose to leave?” he asked whipping around to face her. “Morrigan, they will leave in droves! There will be nothing left of our clan. Nothing!” Rian was so angry, the veins in his neck throbbed.

“Then, so be it. This is my destiny, Rian. I cannot change it,” she said then placed her hands over her face and wept. Rian rolled his eyes up the sky in exasperation.

“Oh, Blessed Mother,” he said putting his arms around her. “I hate it when a female cries.” She pushed his arms away forcefully.

“I cannot be a female. I have no choice but to be a leader. I do not have the luxury of just being a leisurely female of the fey.” She wiped her tears away stubbornly. “You must realize that I hate this probably more than you, but it must be done!”

“What is the rest that you must tell me?” he asked as Morrigan tried to compose herself.

“Well…you’ve heard the stories about how humans?  How they produce more humans,” she asked fumbling for words. Rian looked at her with a disgusted glare.


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