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May 28, 2012

After the Hard Part Is Done…Now, What?

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So, you’ve written a book, or two, or ten. Why are you keeping them to yourself? Why aren’t you sharing your hard work with the world?

  • Is it a fear that you’re work is not good enough?
  • Every time you review it, edit it,  polish it, or re-write it, does it seem like it still needs work?
  • Is that perfectionist deep inside you getting the better of you?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then good for you. That only means that you’re a good writer. Just remember one thing, if nothing else. The rest of us want to read what you’ve written.

I stumbled on Smashwords by pure accident. I can’t even remember how. I was originally trying to find a widget to insert into my website to allow the purchase of my books. I found many, but most at a monthly cost that at the time, I couldn’t afford. When I put the website up…scared to death, by the way…I had no intention of blogging that much. As it turned out, I blog more than fiddling with the website. It allows me much more freedom, interaction, and traffic.

I’m trying to decide whether to keep the website up, or let it die a slow death. If you’re starting out on this grand adventure of publishing your work, and need some sound advice, and need to keep your pennies in your pocket, read through Smashwords website. Check out the authors, the ebooks they have written and go from there. I would also advise reading through Mark Coker’s, Smashwords Style Guide. It’s free and invaluable to anyone starting out. I guarantee that it won’t seem so daunting.


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