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May 26, 2012

Time is the Little Mind Killer

I spend more time worrying about how much time I don’t have to accomplish the things I need to accomplish, than working on my passion for writing. As I write and post this, I am filled with guilt that I’m not writing, or editing. Weird! I wonder if others, like myself, are faced with the same dilemma. Of course, I have a day job that takes up approximately 12-13 hours a day, and a few hours on the weekend. And, I ain’t gettin’ any younger. Perhaps, today being my birthday, it has hit me that time is flying by way too fast.

This morning, I read a post from an author that poses a lot of questions on social media, particularly Facebook. How aggressive do we need to be and do we consider the gathering of all those “friends” that like your fan page as friends? This is something I’ve been anguishing over for the last few months. Because I (only) have 91 friends and family on Facebook…and they are actual friends and family…I find it difficult to ask those precious few to follow my endeavors all of the time. I have put up a fan page, and have let them all now what I’m up to. A few have even bought my books…THANK YOU…but, I only post something on Facebook every few weeks or so.

I think of Facebook as my little sanctuary, a small circle of people who I enjoy. I think I’ll leave FB out of the equation for now, and tweet for my work. Maybe, someday I’ll change my perspective.

Anyway, back to the time thing. I have to finish Harbinger Book 2, edit 45th Parallel, find time to promote my work, and interact with my husband, friends and family. Oh, then there is that blasted day job that pays the bills, for which I am truly grateful for! My husband has re-kindled a childhood friendship as of late, and he says to me a few days ago, “I want you and I to go see him and his wife one day this weekend, and catch up. He remembers so many things about our childhood, that I don’t remember!” My response to him was, “This weekend? I need to work on my writing this weekend!” Then, I realized what I had just said. I then gave myself a swift kick in the ass. Shame on me. I rewound, and said. “Absolutely. Of course, we will go see them.” How selfish am I becoming during this process? It’s not all about me, and what I need to do, and how much time I have to do it. It’s all about the people I am blessed to have in my life, and taking the time out for them, and with them. It makes me sick to think how jaded I could become if I allowed it.

So for now, I’ll take each day as a gift given to me, and use it to its fullest. Hopefully, I’ll listen to my own words!


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