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March 18, 2012

Support From Family and Friends

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If you have landed precariously on this blog to read about how to get money out of friends and family, then go away. This post is a tribute of sorts to those people that are supportive of my endeavors.

If I hadn’t had the support of my husband and children to do what I love doing, I don’t think I would have accomplished anything, except probably written in private and stayed in the closet. I had an ex-husband that told me my writing was a ‘pipe dream’, which turned out to be the beginning of the end for us. It is extremely important to have back up support for what you do. I am so blessed to have support from my immediate family, and also from my newish (eight years…I guess that’s still kind of newish) husband’s family.

Not one time, has someone said to me that what I am doing is a pipe dream.  I love them all dearly for that. I have made them wait patiently until I was ready to become my own advocate, to trust in my own ability to actually try to fascinate someone with my writing.

So don’t allow anyone to minimize or undermine your talent. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll never amount to a hill of beans. Stand up for yourself and be strong and forceful and you’ll see a change in the support you receive. If you can’t get those words of encouragement from those closest to you, perhaps it’s time to find some new BFFs.


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